The Clean – Clear – Clever Hygiene Concept
Networking at a safe distance.

In order to achieve the best possible event character for your function, even under the most stringent safety measures, we apply our very own hygiene concept, Clean – Clear – Clever. This concept enables our clients to carry out successful networking activities even in the difficult times of Covid-19. With our special meeting solutions, such as “Circle MeetingPoints” and “DriveThru Buffet”, you’ll be able to network to your heart’s content – at a safe distance. Talk to us! Our specially trained staff are ready to answer all of your questions and meet all of your demands.


SPEED Talking

Networking in small groups: This activity has groups of three participants speed-talking for 15 minutes within a specially marked area. Here, safe distances are maintained within a pleasant atmosphere, while target-oriented dialogue is guaranteed.  

CIRCLE MeetingPoints

Sit-down chats: Exhibitors and visitors have time for a chat within so-called MeetingPoints. Here, threesomes come together, chatting while sitting on comfortable stools. The seating areas are marked by way of easily visible flags.


Culinary breaks: Thanks to our special floor direction system, event participants are able to enjoy a well-earned break from their activities and take advantage of our culinary offerings without a second thought. The buffet rules are clear: One-way traffic only, with foods and beverages enjoyed at nearby cocktail tables. Movement outside the marked areas is not intended.