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Exhibitions and trade fairs

Your ideas, concepts, and, last but not least, your products should leave a lasting impression.

A trade show appearance allows for direct and close interaction with your target audience and new industry contacts. Therefore, presenting your company's vision is of utmost importance to us.

Whether it's within the scope of a trade fair or an in-house exhibition, we take into account the full range of your exhibition objects and are happy to advise you on the placement of booths.

When planning the trade show, we question your individual preferences regarding design and technology.

For refreshments during the event and the final trade show party, we are pleased to present you with a wide selection of exclusive catering options. You can also rely on us for additional services.

Contact us or book according to your preferences without delay.

© Nina Gerlach, Kur- und Kongreß GmbH Bad Homburg
Information trade fair

At an information trade show, the focus is on providing important company and service information as well as networking in the B2B or B2C sector. Various rooms at the KongressCenter Bad Homburg are suitable for information trade shows. As an additional special feature, a buffet in the Blanc Foyer is a great option.

© Nina Gerlach, Kur- und Kongreß GmbH Bad Homburg
Event trade fair

Experience trade shows are all about real experiences: enjoyment and fun. Events with an experiential character are highly popular. Visitors are encouraged to interact with exhibitors.

We put your products and services in the spotlight in a way that guarantees an unforgettable experience, ensuring that this day stays in memory for a long time.

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Sales shows

Sales trade shows, such as the Boom! Designmarkt, are excellent for showcasing your own products and directly engaging with potential buyers. The light-filled Landgraf-Friedrich-Saal, which can be divided into three sections, is ideal for a larger-scale sales trade show. Additional rooms can stylishly expand the exhibition area.

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